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Chicken Dinner Featured Filipino

My Mom’s Filipino Chicken Adobo Recipe

Filipino Chicken Adobo

There are very few things as comforting to me as my momma’s cooking, especially when it comes to her chicken adobo, served on a big pile of rice. Maybe that’s why I haven’t tried any of the Pinoy restaurants here in LA yet; I’d rather go home and have it straight from Fannie’s kitchen! (Though I am dying to try Ma’am Sir, Spoon & Pork, and LASA.) For the most part, every Filipino’s chicken adobo has the same ingredients –…

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Cheese Featured Snacks

F*cked Up Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Dip

Greetings, my Fellow Sisters in Flow. Question, have you ever come back from the grocery store only to find that one of your food purchases was destroyed in transit? That’s what happened to a bag of corn tortillas I had planned to make white people tacos with. But instead of flinging the broken tortillas across the room in a fit of rage, I transformed trash into treasure by making…tortilla chips!. Of course, with a chip MUST come a dip, and…

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Featured Mexican Vegetarian

Lil ‘Tato Tacos

Now, I love a taco, but my absolute favorite type includes potato and cheese inside of a crispy, crunchy shell. Whenever I go to a Mexican restaurant and see a potato taco on the menu, I must have it. It is my duty. Perhaps that is the Irish in me. (Sidebar, thanks to an DNA test, I recently learned I was 10% Irish, much to my dismay. Not that I’m against being Irish, but all my life I thought…

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Featured Mexican Snacks

Totally Cobsessed Corn in a Cup

My dearest Tampon Princesses, I feel compelled to tell you a tale from my past, which involves a sordid history with the vegetable known as corn. It all began in high school at a carnival booth where my drill team had to sell corn to fairgoers in order to raise money. A friend and I were working the booth alone and thought it was HILARIOUS that we had to sell these phallic cobs. Ahh, such simple, stupid humor back then. Anyway, somehow…

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